Thorned written by Hana Pascal

THORNED is Hana’s first screenplay stemming from her interest in metaphor as a means to represent invisible disability, intergenerational care and female sexuality on screen. The script was selected for Film London’s Elevate scheme in conjunction with 104 Films and has received development support from 104 Films, writer Darren Rapier and acclaimed director Sacha Wares.

Doing the Dishes written and directed by Hana Pascal

Writer: Hana Pascal Keegan

Performers: Leah & Mhairi Gayer

Director: Hana Pascal Keegan

What if I could swim in this kitchen sink? Amidst the comedic absurdity of doing the dishes, Laura confesses to her twin Kate a sensual secret that could change everything. Should Laura prioritise her twin’s kinship or newfound lust for an unknown lover?

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